8 Things Full-Time Bloggers Never Tell You

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As you may know I have been a full-time blogger for over two years now. I still can’t believe this is my life!

I was scrolling through Instagram earlier today and I saw a women who is also a full-time blogger speaking to how “easy” blogging is, and how this job allows her to travel the world working for 1 hour or less a day.

The crazy thing is the comments were all like “You’re so amazing, I wish I could be you” which made me so angry.

Because just three years ago I was like those women commenting. I wanted to figure out a way to work for myself but I had no money to invest in starting a real brick and mortar business.

So because of women like that very women on Instagram I started my blog, and as soon as I started it I was frustrated.

Not because I wasn’t willing to do the work that went into blogging, but because It was actually way more work than anyone told me it would be.

See she made it seem like blogging was like drinking water, it was so easy anyone can do it and make money with it while working only “an hour a day” but the truth is, that isn’t how it is at all especially in the beginning.

If you didn’t already know in addition to my blog I have basically dedicated to my career to helping women build and grow their own business or within their career because I don’t want anyone to feel how I felt when I started my blog and business.

If you want to read my full story you can do so here (don’t worry it opens in another tab so you can keep hanging out with me in this post first, then go read that one)

So after getting all fired up about this women parading how easy it is to be a blogging business women I decided to tell you guys a few of the things bloggers who want to make money from teaching you how to start a blog never tell you.

Our lives aren’t all peaches and cream.

As bloggers we are selling a lifestyle. Selling a lifestyle means we make money from our audiences by making them want to be more like us, or have things that we have because we make them believe something we have in our life will make their life better or easier.

Which means for many people they want to make their life seem great, because if their life isn’t great why would you want to be like them or use what they use?

If someone is talking about how they worked for hours today with no results. Or they are talking about how every piece of clothing they ordered from Pretty Little Thing actually didn’t fit you wouldn’t want to buy from their Pretty Little Thing affiliate links, or buy their course on how to work efficiently.

They are trying to make it seem like everything is perfect because then you are going to want to be like them even more.

So don’t trust that everything is actually super easy for bloggers, chances are things aren’t easy.

When we go shopping everything doesn’t fit, things don’t always go right with our blogs, and things we spend hours or months working for can also fall through.

We aren’t doing it alone.

Have you ever seen a blogger with a husband, and kids who seems like she has all the time in the world to travel, online shop, work with brands, comment back to people, and has blog posts and professional photos go up daily?

Well chances are she isn’t working all by herself. I can’t tell you how many bloggers I know have nannies, house keepers, chefs, assistants, or entire staffs of people that work for them they never talk about.

Because if they talk about having people work for them then you won’t buy into their lifestyle because you can’t relate to that.

I mean what normal women, or stay at home wife or mom could relate to having a whole staff help them on a day to day basis?

Not me thats for sure!

I have worked alone ever since starting my blog until last week, when finally I brought on my husband to help me answer emails. Thats it.

When I was a new blogger I use to feel like a failure because I couldn’t keep my house clean, cook 3 meals a day for my husband, work on my courses, work on my goals, churn out new blog posts, Facebook, and Instagram posts daily on top of answering emails, and creating content for Pinterest.

It just wasn’t possible even when I tried working 18 hours a day.

I get DM’s and emails almost daily about how I can’t actually be a blogger because I don’t do XYZ that other bloggers do, but the reason I don’t do those things is because I don’t have an entire staff of people helping me. It’s just little ol’ me (and now Riley) over here running everything so a lot of times we just don’t have the time to do all the things we want to do.

We don’t make most of money from our blog.

Blogging is the best job ever to be honest, but most of us bloggers are selling ourself short by simply calling ourselves “bloggers” because chances are blogging is making us close to $0 and all our other efforts are the things actually making us the tens of thousands of dollars every month.

You see most bloggers use to make their money by simply writing blog posts, then having big audiences they would create through social media and then the ads on their blog posts would make really good money.

But over the years ad’s have started to pay less, and it’s not as easy to make content go viral as it used to be.

Now a days most bloggers make their money through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, creating digital or real products, or offering services.

Which means we really aren’t making our money as bloggers we are making it by being full fledged business women handling contracts, and negotiating deals, creating products, offering services and growing audiences through marketing,

So don’t believe just by writing blog posts about things you love you will make money, it takes so much more than that.

The timing isn’t real.

Ever wonder how it is always a sunny and beautiful day in the life of your favorite social media star, or celebrity?

No I don’t mean that they always seem like they are in a good mood, I mean in their photos.

No one’s photos ever look like it’s cloudy and rainy even though they post nearly every single day.

Because we as bloggers or social media influencers we often batch our content.

Now if you aren’t in this world you may not know what that means in the world of Instagram but basically a few days a month we will go out and bring 101 outfits and take a whole bunch photos to upload over the entire month so we don’t have to take photos every single day.

In the world of blogging this may mean taking two days a month and writing 5 blog posts in each of those days so you can post two a week without having two write twice every week.

There are tons of different ways to batch create your content but most bloggers and influencers do it so don’t always think that the blogger who always seems to be on vacation, is actually always on vacation.

So basically what I am saying here is just because she seems like she is always sitting on a beach somewhere responsibility free doesn’t mean she is actually always sitting on a beach somewhere.

We recycle.

Every-time I share something, it doesn’t mean it’s the first or only time I will share it.

A lot of bloggers don’t mention this because again they want you to believe they have it all together.

Maybe you have caught yourself wondering (like I used to) how bloggers seem to be able to create 101 perfectly timed posts every holiday season.

Chances are it is because they are recycling their own content and just making sure that all the links still work and swapping them out if they don’t anymore.

I don’t re-write my Christmas cookie recipe every year. Nope I don’t! Thats right every year when the holidays come around I just post the same one all over again.

Sometimes If I have a really great tip that I use in my makeup routine,
I’ll go ahead and just copy it over to my Instagram.

We seem like we can create so much content because a lot of the time we recyle it.

I bet if you go to one of your favorite Instagrammers and you scroll back in their feed you will see they have posted the same outfit more than once, or the same vacation photo.

Most bloggers recycle content so don’t think we are magical unicorns with 26 hours in our days instead of 24, we just take a few shortcuts where we can find them!

We spend way more money than you think.

When someone thinks about the cost of starting a blog you probably thing it is the cost of hosting which is true, that is technically all you need however…

Chances are your blog will never look like your favorite bloggers if all you spend is the cost of hosting, many bloggers pay website designers to design them the perfect blog so don’t think that they did that all on their own.

In addition to paying for a website design, many bloggers pay to have Lightroom Presets aka fancy Instagram Filters for their photos which is another addition cost.

And if most bloggers are anything like me we also have to pay for social media schedulers which means that a service will post your Pin, Facebook post, or Instagram photo for you If I didn’t schedule it I would forget to do it.

Disclaimer: I built my blog from $0-$10,000 per month without a premium website design, Instagram presets, paid social media scheduling or advertising but I worked 18 hours a day to do so, if I had to go back I totally would have paid for those things sooner so I wouldn’t have had to be drowning in my work.

So don’t think your favorite bloggers are trash for doing some of these things, chances are it just allows them to create even more great content for you.

We advertise too.

I know I just said I didn’t advertise in the last section, and it’s true I didn’t up until recently when I was already making more than $10,000 a month but once I started doing it I realized it was like this unspoken thing everyone was actually doing and no one was talking about.

So I am going to talk about it.

So many bloggers pay to promote an Instagram picture to gain followers, or new readers who wouldn’t have seen them otherwise.

So many bloggers pay readers to give testimonials about their courses, or products so that other people will want to take it (I’ve never done this)

So many bloggers promote pins so that more people on Pinterest see their very best content and go check out their website, and hopefully join their email lists.

Oh and paid advertising isn’t the only form of advertising, a lot of bloggers advertise for free.

What do I mean?

Have you ever seen someone say I’ll give you _____ for free if you do ______ like when you go to Target’s website and you see %25 of home decor and you know you don’t need any more throw pillows but you buy them anyway cause they were %25 off and you can’t be missing deals like that in 2019.

You probably see this in blogging all the time and don’t even realize it it comes in the form of “enter your email and I’ll send you my free guide on how to do ______ then next thing you know you are getting emails from someone once a week about their latest blog posts, or product offerings.

And it also comes in the form of “follow my friend….” now sure these bloggers aren’t paying for those things, but they are getting exposure that they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

We are normal (even if we don’t want to seem like it).

Like I have said before blogging is the best job ever, and without it I would probably working a crappy job doing something I hate.

However, just because I am a successful blogger doesn’t mean when I wake up my hair looks Instagram ready, or my nails don’t get chipped.

It doesn’t mean I don’t have emotional days, or get overwhelmed.

I remember one piece of advice my husband gave me when I started this blog it was basically that just because I became a blogger didn’t mean my life would look like a bloggers.

It was because I was living in the lala land idea that my life would suddenly be like others seemed like on Instagram.

His point was that I was still going to wake up every morning with frizzy hair, have to clean the poop out of the litter box, have stretch marks, and not have all the hours in the day to do everything I wanted.

Don’t compare your journey blogging that is just beginning to my blogging journey when I have been at this for years. I promise our blogs didn’t look perfect when we started, and we weren’t suddenly just running six-figure businesses overnight.

Thanks so much for reading this super long post. Have any questions about my life? Leave them below!

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